"Zen House", well-being designed in wood

The welfare that comes from "Zen House" , whose name can not be more timely, is evident. With an interior reinforced in light wood, this house is designed to promote a peaceful lifestyle in a unique environmental environment.

Zen style house 1

"Casa Zen" is built on top of a hill, surrounded by beautiful vegetation. Some of its wonderful views can be seen through the windows. The interior has been decorated to maintain that state of beauty, as a prelude to the beautiful place where it is built.

Zen style house 2

Zen style house 3

It is a house of two heights, with an impressive terrace with garden and pool on the top floor. This enclosure communicates with the kitchen, a beautiful surface in which the wood and the wicker are erected as the two star elements of this room.

Zen style house 4

The lounge does not go unnoticed either: it is a spacious room, with a sober decoration in white and gray that stands out on the purity of the wood. Create a very cozy interior, as the images transmit. The small wooden staircase leads to the upper floor, where the bedroom and bathroom are located, as well as that beautiful garden that does not lack anything to create a space for relaxation.

The bedroom follows the precepts of oriental philosophy in its way of decorating: scarce furniture and low bed, almost at ground level. The soft inclination of the roof enhances the feeling of being a space for retreat and rest.

All decorated "very zen", as it could not be less in this beautiful house made to miss a season.

Zen style house 5

Zen style house 6

Photos: zainteriora.net

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