Youth bedrooms in urban style

The urban style in decoration it reflects a current trend, of casual appearance and simple lines, in which accessories abound with references to contemporary details and popular culture. The urban style, in short, refers to the city and the bustle or, what is the same, to modern life.

Youth rooms in urban style 1

These bedrooms , suitable for adolescents and young people, although in fact they are valid for any age, they present a youthful and fresh style in which comfort, practicality and clarity are sought in a diaphanous space.

Urban style youth rooms 2

Urban style youth rooms 3

Scarce furniture and large beds or collected, then, while the surfaces are rectangular and square, clean and without shrillness. We have minimalism, on the one hand, and a cosmopolitan perspective, on the other.

Youth rooms in urban style 4

Youth rooms in urban style 5

Light is also important in these spaces, giving priority to windows or betting on artificial lighting with power, since this is going to be the best place to place the study or relaxation area.

Youth rooms in urban style 6

The urban style opts for a range of colors of neutral tones. Thus, gray and white, green pistachios, reds, browns and yellows abound. In short, colors that remind us of the urban furniture by default, and that combine perfectly with paintings and sheets of buildings or musical idols.

Youth rooms in urban style 7


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