Your hall in rustic style

The style rustic for a receiver It is synonymous with a very special welcome to the home. Decorated with tree trunks, branches, low tables, baskets and other decorations that give these spaces an incredible look, if you decide to put a hall in this style you will get an authentic corner, with a very special charm.

Rustic style hall 1

You can create this type of receivers with very different elements, but all of them with a common denominator, and that is that they are decorated with a lot of love. Collect old accessories that you have at home, to give a more authentic impression to this place. Few objects will be enough to configure an environment of maximum warmth, and also of the most practical, at the time of leaving there the shoes, coats, umbrellas and other utensils that will need to be at hand.

Rustic style hall 2

Rustic style hall 3

A low table or a couple of shelves can be enough to put together the main skeleton of our hall. Then, if you prefer, you can place a stool, carpet and, of course, that you do not overlook a coat rack or hanger to leave accessory clothing within reach.

Rustic style hall 4

Rustic style receivers 5

Tree trunks and flower centers are welcome in these halls: they impart a very natural character to the home, highlighting a very personal taste for nature and all the objects that remind us of it. The simplicity of these receivers, their main hallmark, does not need large beads or ornaments. The important thing is to know how to create a unique space, a zone of comfortable and useful passage, but in which we can find a stylistic trend of undeniable charm.

Rustic style hall 6

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