You already have your white sofa and now what?

You had fallen in love with that beautiful white sofa that you saw every morning in the shop window of the furniture store when you went to work. After many efforts you bought it and you have your living room just as you had dreamed. Modern, modern and very elegant, that's how your living room has been with your latest acquisition but now what? How to keep that sofa in all its glory, how to rid it of the stains and dirt that will constantly harass you ?.

White sofas 2

But do not worry it is possible to keep your sofa immaculate following a regular maintenance. The first rule is immediacy, if it stains we must react immediately and the sooner we clean the stain, the easier it will be to clean it and leave no trace. If you spill some liquid on your beloved sofa place some paper towels immediately so that they are the ones that soak the liquid and not the upholstery. Then with a white cloth wipe the stain with water, if it is not enough, apply a little dishwashing liquid or shampoo, then rinse with a cloth dampened with warm water. When we use a cloth it should always be white so that there is no possibility of transferring color to the sofa.

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Vacuuming must be done regularly to keep the upholstery free of dust as dirt can also yellow the upholstery. When we use a polyvalent cleaner for cleaning the furniture we have to read the instructions carefully to see which surfaces can be used and which ones should not be used. When purchasing the sofa we should ask the seller what products the sofa manufacturer recommends for both regular cleaning and for stains that may occur due to spillage of liquids and food. A preventive measure is not to eat food or drinks that can stain the sofa. We can also use cloth covers especially when we go to eat something on the couch. Using pillows and tissues to cover the sofa will also keep it from getting dirty.


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