Yellow can decorate your bathroom

The yellow It is one of those colors that, by its nature, divides opinions with a lot of passion. In decoration is a color that in principle must be used with touch, especially if the chosen tone is one of those strong yellows, as expressive as those that we will see in the following proposals.

Bathrooms in yellow 1

But without a doubt its brightness and his Energy they can help us to brighten spaces in the home like the bathroom, a place where the yellow color appears to redesign atmospheres, dress them with a new light.

Bathrooms in yellow 2

Bathrooms in yellow 3

Yellow can be used to painting walls or give color brush strokes through different accessories incorporated in the bathroom: towels, rugs, tubs and containers they dress with the energy of this color to energize these everyday atmospheres.

Bathrooms in yellow 4

Bathrooms in yellow 5

We can use yellow with small brushstrokes or create much more expressive spaces, using it in its entirety. It is a color that is highly demanded in modern and contemporary spaces where new, groundbreaking, more innovative proposals are sought.

Bathrooms in yellow 6

Bathrooms in yellow 7

Inside the yellow, as in all the colors of the spectrum, there are different ranges , from a yellow mustard to a yellow Canary, going through different color palettes more attenuated, more suitable for romantic and traditional spaces.

Bathrooms in yellow 8

Bathrooms in yellow 9

Bathrooms in yellow 10

Bathrooms in yellow 11

Maybe if it is your case and you do not want to use a too strident yellow for the bathroom, you can create a much softer but equally rich and expressive range to decorate different accessories and toiletries. This soft range will be closer to beige.

Bathrooms in yellow 12

Bathrooms in yellow 13

As for the colors with which we can use yellow, the neutral tones They are the best companions for a color that, due to its expressive force, tends to make other shades shade.

Bathrooms in yellow 14

Other colors with which we can accompany this tone are white, gray, beige and bluish or greenish tones, salmon and pink . With them we will have more subtle spaces.

Bathrooms in yellow 15


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