Wood dwellings: style and warmth

The wood It is a natural element widely used in decoration and construction. The consistency, beauty and usefulness of it make it a very versatile material. Not only the most usual furniture and floors are made of wood, it is also the adequate support for the foundations of any building. Wood, today, is more alive than ever.

Decoration and construction in wood 1

These houses have wood on all four sides: on the ceiling, on the walls, on the floor ... Wood is a perfect armature for the rooms of a house, it fills them with beauty and provides great style and warmth.

Decoration and construction in wood 2

Decoration and construction in wood 3

We tend to associate wood with emblematic places of childhood: the house on the tree, the summer cabin, or the little table where we read stories. Wood is the essence of houses and connects us with nature itself.

Decoration and construction in wood 4

There is also the beauty that emanate these rooms covered entirely by wood. Surfaces full of charm and elegance, and a lot of versatility too. With wood you can make almost anything from basic furniture to doors, windows and roofs. Wood is a faithful companion for indoor and outdoor housing, it is a thermal material that maintains the ambient temperature and is always very pleasing to the eye.

Decoration and construction in wood 5

Photos: onarchitecturesite.com; homenewdesign.com

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