Wood countertops for the kitchen

For some time now, more and more people have begun to use wood countertops in the kitchen. Before it was not so usual to see this material in the damp rooms of the house, the kitchen and the bathroom, but thanks to the new varnishes and resins it is possible to perfectly protect the wood from humidity. We are going to see then some proposals of wooden countertops for the kitchen. A new possibility for that reform of the kitchen that you have in mind.

Wood countertops for the kitchen

In this traditional style kitchen, the use of the wooden countertop has been reserved for this metallic island table. It is a great combination and very practical that breaks the uniformity and lowers the formal style of the rest of the kitchen.

Wood countertops for the kitchen 1

In this kitchen have combined several types of countertop, is another possibility, but we must highlight the beautiful effect of the wooden top with the same material floor and the rest of the kitchen decorated in white and cream.

Wood countertops for kitchen 2

This kitchen completely wooden may be very burdensome for many people but instead is the ideal for others. Of course warmth and character is not lacking.

Wood countertops for kitchen 3

In this elegant kitchen, the use of wooden countertops for the island has also been reserved. It is a very interesting option that also confers a very particular character. It is perfect for a space where we are going to eat and relax a bit with our own.

Wood countertops for kitchen 4

This fantastic wooden countertop in rustic finish is an important element of contrast in this kitchen so normal.

Countertops made of wood for kitchen 5

This wooden countertop on the island combines very well with the roof of the same material. Another interesting option for a traditional style kitchen.

Countertops made of wood for kitchen 6

Of course modern and contemporary kitchens are also a good stage for a wooden worktop. And here we have a good example of that. In the same way it can be used in a wide variety of decorative styles without any problem. We talk about wood in general but as you know there are many finishes with which we can get very different effects.

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