Wood as home decoration

Place a floor or a wooden roof in a building, depends on the needs we seek to satisfy. It can not be denied, that the wood, with its excellence grants beauty and caledez, especially if the house has a country style.


The public turns to roofs in laminated beams for ceilings, since they have the advantage of achieving more freshness and do not cause maintenance problems, although it is necessary to ensure that the roof is not damaged by humidity, for which reason it is necessary to foresee a good waterproofing. To avoid this problem, a protector and the normal varnishing process required by this material will suffice.


With regard to the wooden floors, the planks are the most advisable due to their resistance. They ensure 50 years of resistance without worries.
The stairs built with guatambú have aesthetic, maintenance and functional advantages.
The floors and stairs only need a good polish to maintain, which should be done every 5 or 6 years. The benefit of them, is that in summer they are cool, while in winter they are warm.
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