Wonderful designer staircases

The stairs have become a very specialized field in which many designers try to provide practical as well as aesthetic solutions. Sometimes arriving to become true works of art. We can not conceive a great house without adequate stairs that fulfill something more than simple communication between the rooms of the house. In this article we want to show you some examples of stairs designed by renowned architects and interior designers.

Design stairs 1

This impressive creation, as simple as if it were a ribbon stretched between the two heights of the house is the work of architecture studio HSH , from the Czech Republic, is made of 10 mm steel sheet.

Design stairs 2

Bell Phillips Architects He designed this staircase formed by triangles. Another example of the importance of geometry applied to the design of stairs. They got an original and sculptural staircase that also occupies very little space.

Design stairs 3

If we are concerned about the space that stairs can occupy, this example of nC2, from an architecture studio in Brooklyn, New York, is another outstanding example of the concision in the use of space. While offering storage space.

Design stairs 4

Another concern that usually cause the stairs is the barrier effect, both visual and lighting, the solution provided with this staircase made of metal mesh by Rowin Petersma It is of great originality.

Design stairs 7

This iconic New York house that the great architect Paul Rudolph created for the fashion designer Roy Halston and that later would be property of the fashion photographer Gunter Sachs, it is still in spite of having more than fifty years, an example of the importance of the stairs in the design and the distribution of the spaces .

Design stairs 8

Sometimes the stairs are reduced to the minimum expression as in this design of the Italian firm Studioata , in which the staircase is reduced to light floating steps combined with the wooden shelf that acts as a contrast.

Photos: design-milk.com

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