With what colors to paint the corridor?

As the corridors are a passage area, we often forget to decorate them. However, we should pay attention, since we usually go through them several times a day. On the other hand, they are the areas that are most exposed to view from some home environments. In addition, on many occasions they are usually part of the entrance to the house and the transition from one room to another. For this reason, then, I leave you some Tips for painting the hall . Take note!

With what colors to paint the corridor?

Narrow and long corridors

If unfortunately, in your house you have a long narrow corridor, no window , it is important that you choose a light color like white or beige to give luminosity and spaciousness to the passage area. You can also choose cool tones in its lighter version such as green or blue. If you want shorten the hall visually, paint the walls of the ends a darker shade and, if you want it to look much wider, paint the ceiling white.

With what colors to paint the corridor? one

Broad corridors

If you have a wide corridor, you can choose many shades . To expand it even more, choose the light colors. If you want this area to be warm and cozy, choose red, yellow, orange and strong colors, but, if possible, in its clear version. If you have a window in the corridor, opt for darker shades.

With what colors to paint the corridor? two

Other tips

At the time of paint the hall walls , it is essential that you take into account the height of the roof. If the ceiling is low, and you want to paint the walls or stick wallpaper, choose the vertical stripes that will make it look taller, now, if you have a very high ceiling, paint horizontal stripes on the walls or choose a dark color in the roof to visually shorten it.

If you want the corridor to combine with the rooms, choose a neutral color. On the other hand, if you want to be different from them, decide for a completely different one from the rest of the house.

With what colors to paint the corridor? 3

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