With the plants on the roof

Do not you feel like you want to renew your spider ??? You are not interested in giving a green touch to your dining room, your living room or your incredible reception ??? Well, here is an original proposal, which meets all the requirements ... But would you dare to use it at home?


We present the "Flora Chandelier". She is a chandelier or chandelier designed for the Italian firm TrediciDesign.
This unusual lamp combines lighting with the sight of plants. The pots left their place in the garden, or on the balcony and now they are on the roof ... Yes! although it seems incredible.
This model, which you see in the photos, is just a prototype that will be presented at the next edition of the Internazionale show in Milan. The previous one is the annual landmark of the decoration worldwide, we will talk later about the novelties of 2009.
Flora Chandelier, is made of metal and glass and the pots contain real plants. The first question would be:
How will we water the plants ??? I think it will be a bit uncomfortable not ??
What do you think of her ???




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