Wicker furniture for your house

Since the Middle Ages, the wicker It is being used to make basketry items. Nowadays it is not uncommon to see usual furniture for the house made with this flexible and solid component. Trunks, tables, chairs and armchairs, deckchairs and hammocks for the garden, and even bed bases made of wicker, with the same skill played so many centuries ago by the ancient craftsmen.

Wicker furniture for your home1

The wicker furniture It will give the rooms a homelike and classic look, and above all cozy. Create special corners to rest with wicker tables and puffs with soft cushions to sit, as a home chill out with which to entertain the meetings.

Wicker furniture for your home2

Wicker furniture for your home3

Enjoy all the comfort that this type of furniture can provide, which, apart from being economical, is also practical when it comes to decorating. As we say, help with fabrics of electric or warm colors, which contrast widely with the sobriety of this material.

Wicker furniture for your home4

What has the wicker that makes it so special? Especially that it is a very elastic element, especially indicated for furniture that we are going to move often. This elasticity allows the furniture to withstand movements without its structure suffers severe damage. This is because in our days the wicker that is used is usually extracted from plastic fibers instead of vegetables, which are less resistant.

Wicker furniture for your home5

If you place the furniture outside, ensure that they are covered by an awning or some type of upper covering, since the wicker can be eroded with extreme temperatures and humidity. Avoid getting wet or that is very close to places where there is combustion. Following these simple indications you will be sure that your wicker furniture will last for a long time, making your life much more pleasant.

Wicker furniture for your home6

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