Why textiles and upholstery can change the decoration

When we want to make a specific change or a transformation in our decoration there is nothing like textiles . Surely this statement you will have heard more than once because it is a resource widely used by decorators. We are going to see a selection of images that will give us an answer to why textiles and upholstery They can change the decoration.

Deco with textiles 1

When we have a room in the house decorated with neutral tones it is very easy to completely transform it simply with the use of textiles; curtains, cushion covers, carpets, plaids and other fabrics commonly used in decoration will produce a spectacular and rapid change.

Deco with textiles 2

Advantage? Countless and fantastic, we can experiment, do all the tests that we want without risk and with a very simple return if we make a mistake in their choice.

Deco with textiles 3

Deco with textiles 4

Deco with textiles 5

The rooms or bedrooms, the living room or living room, are some of the rooms that we can easily transform with the use of textiles. Changing the bedding is as simple as that, making the bed.

Deco with textiles 6

Deco with textiles 7

Deco with textiles 8

In the case of upholstery, we play it because it is not so easy to change one fabric for another, since we usually need to entrust the task to a professional and it does not come out very cheap. In this case, we must make sure that the new fabric for the upholstery will look good with the rest of the decoration. But we can do all the tests that we want before deciding, because the upholsterer to whom we commission the work will lend us a selection of samples so that we can choose the one that we like the most.

Deco with textiles 9

Deco with textiles 10

Deco with textiles 11

In any decorative style we can use textiles to create a point that catches the eye, a wake-up call, an accent that will give the whole that little push that needs to be a round decoration.

Deco with textiles 12

Deco with textiles 13

Deco with textiles 14

With textiles we can connect environments and elements to create a harmonious and beautiful environment, with the enormous and unpayable advantage of not having to get into works and jobs that are always cumbersome and annoying. Color, in short, is the main contribution that textiles bring to any decoration but we can not forget the textures and volumes that are also important.

Deco with textiles 15

Deco with textiles 16

An effective, economic and very efficient weapon that we always have at hand. Textiles are a practical and versatile resource that will allow us both to give a new look to our decoration and to renew it completely.

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