Why have a wooden counter in the kitchen

The choice of countertop or countertop that we are going to install in our new or renovated kitchen is one of the most transcendental. It is the surface on which we are going to work in the kitchen and therefore has an important practical aspect but, since it occupies so much space and is so visible, it also has a very important aesthetic effect. Combining both slopes is really complex and many times we have to lean towards one or the other in our opinion. So, why have a wooden counter in the kitchen would be a question in which we must assess what we will give more importance to the practical function or aesthetics.

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Obviously a wooden countertop will have a high aesthetic impact, especially in certain decorative styles, but requires greater care and maintenance. In shabby chic and rustic style kitchens It is undeniable that a wooden allowance is phenomenal, that is indisputable.

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When we opt for a wooden countertop it is important to use it as contrast element , it must be noted that it is there, for we must take full advantage of its great virtue, which is none other than its beautiful aesthetics. So if the furniture in the kitchen is clear we will use a dark wood or stained with a varnish of that color and vice versa.

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This kitchen that has an exposed brick wall is excellent for using a wooden counterstand that contrasts with it.

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And you can also have a bright and clean-looking kitchen using a wooden countertop, you only have to look at the beautiful kitchen in the photo above, a preciousness that combines almost all the finishes that can be given to this noble material what is wood

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Getting one like this kitchen can be a titanic job, because of the difficulty in finding it and the price it can reach; but it is evident the strong aesthetic impact that introduces in this kitchen that would be very anodyne without it.

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Many people may think that wood is a too soft material for the hard tasks of the kitchen but we must bear in mind that the woods have different degrees of hardness according to their origin. For making solid wood countertops, the Beech, oak and walnut wood, among others , all wood with a hardness sufficient for the use that will be given. In addition, they are usually treated with products that give them additional hardness and minor maintenance.

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We also have the counters made with laminated or agglomerated wood that later they are covered with a sheet of material that imitates any finish. It is certainly not the same as a good solid wood counter but it can serve us in certain tasks when the budget is limited.

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As we see in this example the wooden countertops are not limited exclusively to rustic styles, in a kitchen of any contemporary style will also be fantastic.

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Countertops or wooden countertops are a decorative weapon of great caliber that we must take into account when assembling our new kitchen.

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