Why have a bathtub in our bathroom

Go ahead a point, I'm shower. I say this because I believe that humanity is divided between shower users and bathtub users. Are they two ways of understanding life? Or is it simply the custom we were taught as children? I am not very clear about the truth, it is like that of whether the need creates the member or the member creates the need. In short I will stop philosophizing and get to the point. Does the bathtub in our bathroom have a place today?

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The bathtub has a long historical route, the first individual bathtubs date from 1800 a. C. in Babylon. Its use extended through the East and the West until the Middle Ages when hygiene was left aside. It is not until the 18th century that the bathtub appears as we know it and its use would take a further century to spread, especially as a result of Pasteur's scientific discoveries.

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Although the bathtub is an object with an eminently practical use we must also understand it as a decorative element of the first magnitude. Due to its volume and shape, it plays an important role in the decoration of the bathroom. In this sense, I would dare to say that the bathtub is more decorative than the shower and with much difference.

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If space allows, a bathtub combined with a shower is the perfect combination. So you can enjoy the advantages of each of the bathroom systems. Another point, and very important to keep in mind is the people who live at home. Bathtubs are ideal for young children, but they are uncomfortable and dangerous for the elderly, unless they are specifically adapted to their physical condition.

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When you want to relax and have a moment of placental regression nothing like a good bath with salts, oils and other products that help you feel better. Of course you can not offer a shower ever. The shower is the hygiene of the XX century, fast, concise and efficient. Bathing in a bathtub is calm, it takes time and in reality it is more natural since we became people submerged in amniotic fluid, which is basically water.

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As I said at the beginning, I am a shower and the truth is that many times I envy people from the opposite side. That ability to calm down, to take time for themselves, is certainly enviable. And in my house we have a shower and of course a bathtub and I do not want to give it up even if I never use it. I love its horizontality, its cozy shape and I love watching my little one bathe in it. It reminds me of that distant and warm place where everything began.

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