White dining tables and chairs in color

When decorating, the contrasts of colors They work very well, especially when one of these color lines is blank. The luminosity that this tone gives off is highlighted by the beauty of the other colors. The intensity of some counteracts the neutrality of the target, creating spaces rich in expressiveness, clear and cheerful. We propose some ideas for combine white dining tables with color chairs .

White table and chairs in color 1

This contrast, we say that infallible, can be tested in different styles, from the most classic or rustic environments to the most modern and design dining rooms. The table functions as the main element to which a series of accessories are added, in this case chairs, with a color that enriches that contrast and plays with the light, making the surrounding space a wider space.

White table and chairs in color 2

White table and chairs in color 3

An alternative is to use chairs of different colors or that are all the same color. We leave this to your choice, because both options are great to brighten up environments.

White table and chairs in color 4

In addition, we can use it with the same good result in the children's room, to which this idea is sure to please them and makes them choose their favorite chair.

White table and chairs in color 5

For less homey environments, be it an office or a meeting room, it is also a great idea so that the atmosphere is not so corseted. We can propose this type of contrasts using designer chairs in different shades, without losing elegance.

White table and chairs in color 6

Do not forget to combine the chairs with accessories in the same color as these and you will get a lovely result, like the one in our latest proposal:

White table and chairs in color 7

Photos: design-interior.md; atticmag.com

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