White and blue, two colors for your room

White and blue are two elegant colors, that conquer and that have their own protagonism in the decor .
Choose them to decorate the living room or living room of our apartment or our house will always be a wise choice. Let's see why it is with these wonderful examples:

White and blue, two colors for your room1

These first two proposals are striking, and completely opposite. While in one of them, the main color is the white color on the furniture and on the ceiling, leaving the walls a light blue and blue of different shades in the rest of the accessories; the second has a furious blue on the walls and more classic furniture in wood and beige fabrics its characteristic touch. They are totally different rooms but each with its charm and design.

White and blue, two colors for your room2

In these two new proposals, the luminosity is exciting and worthy to imitate at home. The White color Take the walls, curtains and leave the dark blue the prominence in the furniture. An interesting and sensual contrast. Both styles are different, one more modern, another more conservative.

White and blue, two colors for your room3

This room is a design out of the pattern that we have been observing. It is located in a space of the house that is integrated to the kitchen and the daily dining room, but its dimensions are important. In this space absolute prominence has been given to the room and games of sofas of different models, fabrics, textures and shades of blue and white have been combined. The sky blue color of the walls is shocking.

White and blue, two colors for your room4

The last three proposals today, all in small departments, where the space to raise the room is not very generous, but nevertheless, you can get incredible results. All three have as a common denominator, the selection of a special shade of blue for the walls, leaving the furniture and accessories of the decoration the possibility of playing with the white color as a base, with designs, drawings, tones and combinations. Adding different textures, and wefts in the fabrics to be used in furniture, curtains and cushions always gives us innumerable combination options.
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