Whimsical kitchen tables

Curved and sinuous, these kitchen tables They have been designed to break molds and invigorate spaces in a much more personal way. Kitchen tables that go one step further to define the concept that the kitchen is also a fun place at home. In them you can cook, have breakfast or eat, or spend time without more, because they have been created in a way that adapts to the needs of the moment.

Kitchen tables 1

The design firm Fiamberti is in charge of making this multi-purpose experience a reality, betting on a variant of the much more daring classic countertop. There are several colors, some more sober, others more jovial, but in all of them there is enough space for everything.

Kitchen tables 2

Kitchen tables 3

These proposals can help us when renovating the kitchen or the countertop itself, to suggest a new layout of the space in which the table becomes an absolute protagonist, where the entire kitchen revolves around it.

Kitchen tables 4

Kitchen tables 5

In many kitchens we can find the table of the type 'American bar', which both helps when adding an extra around the stove. In these proposals, this concept is also included, as we see, between curves and round spaces, for a new concept of whimsical cuisine.

Kitchen tables 6

Photos: eurointeriorcollection.com

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