Which gazebo do you prefer for your pool?

To fully enjoy your pool, it will not be enough to install a gazebo, kiosk, pergola or whatever you want to call it; I particularly love the word belvedere that can also be used to define this construction. Being lying next to your pool, under the sun, is fine but if you can have a place to relieve yourself a little bit of solace and take a cold drink comfortably is much better. We are going to make a small tour of a selection of gazebos in multiple styles that can be used for your pool.


A comfortable, modern and very complete space to fully enjoy your pool.


This Moroccan style gazebo will take you to exotic places without having to leave your garden.


Elegant and very beachy, this gazebo is very stately and will fit well in a house of the same style.


The exoticism now moves us to oriental lands with this gazebo inspired by a Chinese pagoda.


If the style of your house and garden is modern you can build a belvedere with this contemporary and minimalist inspiration.


Luxurious and rustic at the same time, this viewpoint is a special place to take the cool by the water.


We go again around the world, this gazebo is ideal for a natural style pool. We will feel as if we were in Southeast Asia.


This proposal of Mediterranean air will allow us to take a spectacular nap next to the pool.


A large sofa in a very modern belveder. The play of light and shadow is especially interesting.


The same can be said about this one. That also has outdoor kitchen right next door.


Solidity and a dense and refreshing shade is what this construction offers us.


A gazebo with a green roof to enjoy a refreshing shade.


This proposal on the other hand is totally industrial style but it allows us to cover part of the pool so we can bathe in the shade.


Elegance in abundance to take luxurious baths. The practical and the beautiful together by the hand.


This pergola floating or almost is really spectacular. To fully enjoy your baths in the pool.


A rustic but very elegant proposal. Iron and stone furniture in abundance for an elegant but relaxed atmosphere.


The union of cement or concrete and wood gives us designs as original as this one.


And finally this spectacular gazebo with built-in fountain. A refreshing and musical wonder.

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