Where do I leave my umbrella?

Autumn arrives and with it the leaves fall from the trees, the mushrooms sprout in the woods and, as it could not be otherwise, the rain returns! You return home after a day spent in water, you take off your soggy coat, you look around and you think: "and now ... where do I leave my umbrella?". We introduce you new models of umbrella stands that will make your rain evenings much less chaotic. Because an umbrella stand can also be practical as well as fun, do not you think?

modern umbrella stands 1

Here we leave you only five proposals, but there are many more! Models in vintage tone; very witty, in the shape of boots; also jovial, in british style; or modern metallic designs ... but all of them with a common goal: to collect water from your umbrella after a good storm. In addition, as you will see they are specially designed so that children remember where they have to leave their umbrellas as soon as they enter the door, without leaving the floor wet and full of annoying puddles. And you, have you already chosen your model?

modern umbrella stands 2

modern umbrella stands 3

modern umbrella stands 4

modern umbrella stands 5

Photos: www.houzze.com

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