What you need to know before buying a Persian carpet

A Persian carpet raises for most family economies a good investment that is usually preceded by a total lack of knowledge of this amazing decorative complement. But this should not prevent your acquisition if you like this kind of carpets. They are really beautiful and capable of transforming the decoration of a room with your correct choice. We bring you ten tips from an expert on the subject hoping that they give you a little guidance in choosing your Persian carpet.

Persian carpet 1

1.-Above all do not lose your nerves, tranquility, keep in mind that the world of Persian carpets has centuries of tradition, you can not learn everything in an instant. Calm and open mind will allow you to enter that world.

2.-A Persian rug is a work of art and as such you should look at it. The technique of its elaboration has a long history and they are products that can reach a great beauty and a value according to it.

3.-It is a decorative object or a very peculiar work of art, not only you must value it visually you must also touch it and feel what it transmits.

Persian carpet 2

4.-Do not cut yourself, ask to be extended and look at it from different angles and points of view, you will realize that it changes and adopts different aspects. It is not an industrial object, it is the work of hard-working women, mostly, who have put into it familiar ancestral knowledge.

5.-And ask, ask everything you can think of, where it comes from, who has made it, what technique has been used in its fabric and the materials used. Try to know everything you can about her.

6.-A good carpet seller will be happy to answer all those doubts and questions. Do not feel pressured by the obligation to buy. If there is something inherent to carpets, it is the culture of the country where it was created and in it, dialogue is fundamental.

Persian carpet 3

7.-You must see and take into account different copies, separate the ones you like and then try to visualize them in the space that you are going to assign. It is important that you keep this point in mind because a carpet may look perfect in the store but afterwards it does not fit in your decoration.

8.-Flee from the excessive formalism, often the function of a Persian carpet is to create a contrast and if its tones are too similar to those of the general decoration of the room will lose all its charm.

9.-Ask and inform yourself and decide for a trade of which you have good references not only expensive acquisition but also after-sales service.

10.-Do not pay too much attention to your brain and let yourself be carried by the heart. Even if you spend your budget, keep in mind that a good Persian rug is a long-term investment.

Photos: casasugar.com

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