What you do not have to do in decoration

This article could be endless because there are many things that should not be done if we want our home to present a coherent and cohesive aspect. That we can say that it is decorated, in one or the other style but that has a meaning and is not an amalgam of unconnected things.

Decorative tips 1

The first and fundamental thing that we should avoid in any room of the house is chaos. Clutter is the worst enemy of decoration, we can already have precious objects and correctly combine colors and materials that if everything is not tidy and with free air around we can not say that the house is decorated. It is essential not to accumulate objects, we must have what is essential, what we need and properly stored.

Decorative tips 2

The pictures, pictures, photographs and other objects that we hang on the wall should be placed at a correct height, neither too low nor too high. We must keep the proportions between the objects that we hang and the surface and height of the wall.

Decorative tips 3

Lighting is another aspect to consider, bad lighting can spoil the best decorative work. What is bad lighting? This can be given both by excess and by default. The balance between the type of stay in question and the lighting it needs must be achieved. Not all rooms in a house need the same light. It is important to try and test, through the tests is how best we will get to the right point of lighting.

Decorative tips 4

The coordination of colors is another essential factor, it is not that there is only one color in a room. There can and should be different colors to create a natural space and warm but properly combined.

Decorative tips 5

When buying the furniture we have to have all the rooms to furnish. It is not about filling or putting the essential, the furniture should be proportionate to the size of the stay to which they are intended. A large room with a few small pieces of furniture will be cold and soulless and on the contrary large furniture in a small room will create an oppressive and absurd space.

Decorative tips 7

About tastes there is nothing immovable but there are people who could not live in a house without mirrors and others can not. But the unwritten laws of decoration praise and prescribe the need to put mirrors, especially in small spaces to create sense of spaciousness.

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