What to keep in mind for the decoration of the hall

The function of the receiver is welcome to visitors who come to our home. And we have to do what is necessary to make a good impression as soon as we cross the entrance door. The decoration of the hall must reflect the decorative style of the house. We are going to give you some ideas so that you can achieve that purpose.


  • The easiest way to achieve a significant impact is to choose a single focal point that visitors will notice immediately. A magnificent mirror is a practical choice that in addition to creating that focal point will allow you to take a last look before leaving. Other interesting elements can be a work of art, a striking wardrobe or a colorful chair.
Take into account your needs storage . A place to leave those objects that we always let go as soon as we enter the house, space to store our clothes and winter shoes or any particular need we have. A chair, armchair or any similar piece of furniture is a practical element that will always suit us, to fit us or so that any visitor can sit at any given moment. But of course we must ensure that this seat furniture fits in the decoration. The illumination It is also important that a table lamp or standing lamp will be a good way to create a personal atmosphere in our hall. Leave extra space for cover any need storage . Do not allow clutter or the accumulation of useless objects in the hall. The receiver does not have to be always the same, adapt it to the seasons of the year with your particular needs. In winter or in the rainy season an umbrella stand will be essential but with the arrival of good weather you can remove it and place some object more in line with the station and its needs.

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