What should not be done in decoration

You can follow all the Practical tips in many places on how to decorate a room. But it is very difficult to know what to avoid before beginning to decorate it.

What should not be done in decoration

Let's know better what we should never do ...
Practical advice on things that are not advisable to do
First of all the person must make the decisions without letting another person say what needs to be done, you can ask for suggestions. The house is the personal space and everyone should feel comfortable and relaxed with their own choices.

What should not be done in decoration 1

The painting should be chosen and buy a room of color and paint a small section to see how the color looks in natural light, because many times in a small chip it looks a color, but in the whole room it could be oppressive.
You should never buy fabric or products for decor on the first visit. With samples you can take a look in the day and at night with artificial light.

What should not be done in decoration 2

You must use the favorite colors in the house, because they show personality and it is easier to coordinate with the taste you have. Although if the favorite color is red or a strong color one should not or do not have to choose it for the walls.
The blues and greens are more relaxing, not all blues are the same, not all greens and whites are the same, there are different whites.
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