What color is your office at home?

Office, office, workplace ... It is increasingly common to find a space dedicated to work at home, since the Internet, for example, promotes telematic jobs. If it is something serious, it is not enough to have the computer in the room or in the living room. No. We must grant it a special place and, as such, it must be accompanied by some characteristics. Today we focus on the color of your workplace. Do you think it's a trivial matter? Well, you are wrong!

Colors for the office 1

Numerous studies show that the choice of color is a serious step, since it is capable of influencing our mood. Surely you know several sayings about it, such as "lila, that the foolish ones" or "green, I want you green". Well, according to those studies, the most classic colors generate these reactions:

Blues: It has the property of lowering the pulse rate and increasing productivity, in addition to having a calming nuance. From the outset, this seems a very recommendable suggestion, since blue is in itself a pretty color. If you manage them, you could combine different tonalities on the wall: for example, at the bottom leave a navy blue stripe and at the top fill it with a light blue. The division can be carried out with a fine and elegant border that does not tire you.

Colors for the office 2

Green: This is another great option to paint the walls of a workplace. It is associated with stress relief because it helps create a serene and relaxing environment. It goes a little on the blue line.

Reds and oranges: for an office it can turn out to be very burdensome. I do not doubt that at the beginning it instills spirits and makes you want to work in such an exciting space, but, in the long run, it ends up overwhelming. They are very upright colors more appropriate for a space that you visit less, maybe a kitchen.

Colors for the office 3

Violets: it is said to be intimately related to the development of creativity. Is it what you need? Well, consider giving your walls a violet or purple touch. Maybe you're the next DaVinci, who knows!

Yellows: It is a very cheerful color, but it can be treacherous.

Browns and grays: returning to the blue line, these ranges of colors offer serenity, but perhaps they are too boring as a counterweight.

Dark browns: They create a stoic, earthly environment, appropriate for work, no doubt, because, as one says, it puts you on the ground, but maybe you add some responsibilities and a burden with all this seriousness that can result in feeling pressured.

Choose carefully. Remember that it is your place of work, a place where you will spend certain hours a week. Bet on a discreet decoration and accompany it with the colors that you like the most or that are able to bring out the best in you.

Photos: interiordec.about.com

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