Welcome corners for your home

Arrive home, open the door and find a welcome corner similar to these that we present to you is something that has no price. Caring for the decoration of this part of the house is relatively easy because of the limited spatial capacity that we will have, but which ensures us a better use of space and prevents us from recreating ourselves in more expendable elements.

Stylish receivers 02

A table or chair with personality, a hanger to leave the coat, floral centers and a lamp are some of the most used resources to build a charming hall. Basic furniture, on the one hand, and props personalized, on the other, that offer the guests a couple of clues about what will be the style of housing with which they are going to find.

Stylish receivers 01

Receivers with style 03

Stylish receivers 04

While some prefer sobriety and not overload with superfluous elements, for others it is an opportunity to display their imagination, enhancing in this small place of the house the decorative details above all.

Stylish receivers 05

Stylish receivers 06

Pictures, illustrations with illustrations, collage with photos of our cute shoots, that vintage furniture legacy of our great grandmother, or the vase we bought in the last trip we made can help prepare the hall to receive visitors and make this enclave something much more welcoming .

Receivers with style 07

Receivers with style 08

Photos: Maison rose decoracoes

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