Water as a decorative element

Water, apart from its multiple and vital uses, also has application in decoration. Although it is better known, this decorative aspect of water in its use in gardens and courtyards can also be used indoors. There is a wide variety of sources of all sizes and shapes to complement the interior decoration.

Decorate with water 1

In particular the wall fountains are a wonderful decorative element. These wall fountains are designed to simulate a curtain of water sliding on a flat surface. Its great advantage is the little space they occupy, little more than any painting we can hang on the wall. The sensations that the tap water transmits act at the deepest level of our psyche, almost like an atavism, as it happens with fire. They are basic elements of our subsistence as a species and have accompanied us since the beginning of time.

Decorate with water 2

Wall fountains are generally based on a background that can be printed or not, smooth or with a certain relief. This background is usually made of polycarbonate resin, an extremely hard and resistant material that also has the peculiar characteristic of not offering to look wet even when the water is running on it. Water in motion always transmits a positive and energizing sensation as well as being pleasant both for sight and for hearing.

Decorate with water 3

Wall fountains can sometimes be true works of art made with more traditional materials such as bronze and glass. If we introduce one of these sources, whatever the type, in our home we will be creating a very interesting focus of attention. They serve to decorate a hall, a living room, a dining room, a passage area or any space that we want to load with positive energy.

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