Washbasins for cottage style kitchens

Due to its size compared to the sinks that are used in other styles, the sink in a cottage-style kitchen takes on greater importance in the overall decoration.

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Traditionally the kitchen sink in this style is larger because in the past there was no dishwasher and it was necessary to have a good sink where you could wash the dishes and kitchen utensils.

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The shape is always rectangular and quite deep, porcelain and enameled steel as well as some other materials protrude in the front. The most typical is the enameled steel sink but there are also other materials, both classic and modern.

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The most classic sink location is under the kitchen window, if you have it logically, but can be installed wherever you want.

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Even on an island if we want to take better advantage of kitchen countertops as a work area.

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The taps should be in accordance with the decorative style which does not imply renouncing the great technological advances that have emerged in this field. Manufacturers present technologically advanced solutions in traditional designs.

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Copper is also a good choice if we want to distinguish our kitchen. It is easy to find taps in this tone that will be combined with the material of the sink.

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A golden faucet will give brightness and sophistication to an elegant cottage style kitchen. Especially if we can install the sink in front of a large window.

10 style kitchen washbasins

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When you have such a large sink the problem that arises is that it can be filled with a large number of kitchen utensils. It will be necessary to take the precaution of emptying it quickly or our pretty cottage kitchen will lose all its charm if the sink is full of dirty dishes and pots.

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There are sinks for cottage style kitchens made of different materials, although the way you will have seen is maintained, it is time to make your own choice.

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