Warm up your home with style

The radiators they are a practically indispensable piece in the majority of homes, except in zones of continuous temperate climate. Despite being essential elements, common radiators They are totally unsightly and out of tune breaking the careful decoration of our home.

Many people tend to opt for the use of covers to camouflage, but today I bring you a much better alternative: designer radiators . They are authentic artworks with a lot of functionality. The wide range offered by the market will facilitate the choice that best suits your style and suits your needs. You can find them hot or electric. You can choose colors and sizes. There are prices for all pockets!

Radiators design 1

Radiator with a magnificent design ideal for a zen, minimalist or relaxing decoration.

Design radiators 2

Sparkly designer radiator formed by a tower of stones with a shiny metallic gray finish. Very original and current. Nobody will notice its true function! You can also find it in other models like dice.

Radiators design 3

Radiator vertical rectangular shape light gray with a nice floral detail. There are different models with different floral details to stay with the one you like the most.

Design radiators 4

This original radiator Bright spherical design gives a lot of play! It fits in several styles and stays. You can put one or combine several according to the needs of the room. The possibility of coupling a bar comes great as a towel rack and makes it ideal for bathrooms and toilets.

Design radiators 5

All the designs have fascinated me, but I must admit that he has done it in a special way. It seems like a radiator with an exquisitely elegant design at the same time as modern. It is an authentic artwork. Although this color combines with almost everything you can find it in different colors.

Design radiators 6

I can think of many uses for this functional radiator of design as for example pouf or even auxiliary table.

Radiators, design 7

This radiator will not only keep your house at the perfect temperature but also serves as a shelf to store all your things. Not only is it ideal as a towel rack, it fits perfectly in the kitchen, living room, office or dressing room. Surely in each of your rooms you would find it useful, right? Available in various colors.

Design radiators 8

This surprising and compact radiator perfectly combines design and technology. It is formed by a special glass and a support at each end. It seems to me a neutral but special and very innovative element.

I'm going to propose a change to warm my house with the most careful style, sure you too!

Photos: archiexpo.es

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