Warm and cozy Nordic style living rooms

Although we usually talk about Nordic style In reality, it is not a single style but several of them related to each other by their place of origin. Anyway, they have points in common, precisely because they share a place of birth, such as the use of wood, white and certain minimalism. Although at times they may seem cold styles are also able to provide us with very comfortable spaces like these warm and cozy living rooms in Nordic style.


Here we already have enough of the elements common to all Scandinavian styles. The wood floor of natural finish, the use of white background color combined in this occasion with the gray that makes the set of decoration more interesting.


In the Nordic style we can also use old, traditional furniture with a worn finish.


It is important to combine textures and materials to achieve that effect of warmth that we seek.


In the Nordic style, in any of them, it is usual to combine floors and walls in white and also the furniture of the same color. In these cases we must include some more vivid tone to get a cozy atmosphere. For this purpose the plants will go very well, a natural touch will make our living more our own.


It is very normal to have a fireplace or a ceramic stove in a corner given the rigors of the Scandinavian winter.


Wood is an element widely used in Nordic decoration and can be used both to cover the floor and the roof.


In the Nordic interiors, clean lines stand out both in the architecture and in the furniture. The spaces are very functional and the decorations quite light, without rich ornaments usually.


The traditional Scandinavian stove is a practical and aesthetically charged addition. His sight and heat become a fundamental part of the living in winter.


Many people may think that the Scandinavian style is sad and bland but here we have an example of the opposite. Sophistication and color do not have to be excluded from a Nordic style living room.


Stripes are very popular in interior design in the Nordic countries and are often used to create contrast.


The color palette is always simple but can include one or two more striking tones.


As in any other decorative style, the use of pillows to introduce intense colors and create contrast is also the order of the day.


The shape, texture and color are very important and should always be carefully chosen. Here we also see another typical complement, the skin rug.


That the prototype of this decorative style is simplicity does not mean that very attractive results can be achieved.


In Scandinavian architecture it is normal for windows to be large to allow the passage of as much natural light as possible, a scarce commodity during their harsh winters in those parts.


Photographs, prints, oil paintings, any work of art is a complement to decorate the walls of your living room in Nordic style.


When the living room is included in an open space and shares functions with other spaces, it must be delimited conveniently. The use of carpets is a good and easy resource for this.


Here we can see a good compilation of the above. The warmth of the wooden floor and the sophistication of the chandelier are not incompatible with the functionality of the space.

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