Walls painted in two colors

The old decorative resources always end up returning, this time we are going to talk about a simple decorative resource that I still remember from my childhood. Surely you will also have some memory of this way of painting the walls, in the old house in the town where your grandparents lived, it is very possible that this resource was used. The walls painted in two colors, with the lower half in a darker color and the upper half in a lighter shade or in white was one of the most used resources in the decoration until not so many years ago.

Walls painted in two tones 1

This resource has two slopes, on the one hand we add color without saturating the space and favoring the luminosity of the rooms, on the other hand, it also had the important function of saving on paint. The lower part of the walls is always the most prone to get dirty by the friction of the people who live in the house, especially the children, while the upper parts remain untouched for much longer. He avoided having to paint too often.

Walls painted in two tones 2

Aesthetically this resource allows us to recreate rustic environments with great ease and provide color to a room even if it is not too bright. Maintaining the upper part of the wall and the ceiling in white will give a sense of spaciousness and increase the luminosity by reflection.

Walls painted in two tones 3

An important trick in this technique is to delimit the area of ​​cut between both colors, you can play with different proportions to find the one we like the most. It will be interesting to review the subject of proportion in art to get what we want. Halves or thirds are the most used proportions and those that give the best visual effect, we have to find the most suitable to our taste and the specific stay we are going to paint.

Walls painted in two tones 4

Walls painted in two tones 5

The color combinations are innumerable, we can use any color for the bottom and white for the top. This combination never fails, it is the easiest. Other combinations are possible but always respecting the color palettes.

Walls painted in two tones 6

It is an infallible resource to recreate rustic and exotic environments. A very simple way to completely change the appearance of the decoration of our house for little money and effort.

Photos: shemovesthefurniture.blogspot.com.es

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