Walls in black

The idea of ​​painting a room in the house of black color It may seem more like a Gothic decoration than something that will bring distinction in our home. However the black color for something is the color of elegance and used with intelligence can give a touch of class and sophistication to any wall of our house.

Walls in black

Here are some tips to integrate this color with complete confidence with the rest of the decorative elements.

It is not convenient to saturate the space of this color, we have to take into account what we can paint like that and what can not. As a general rule think that the maximum can be one or maybe two walls of the room we want, otherwise both black could overwhelm us.

Do not limit yourself to using a completely smooth black color on the wall, check out different finishes and patterns as opposed to matte paint. Play with the contrasts of the room in the decorative elements and furniture and you will give a lot of life to the room.

You can use this color wherever you want, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, etc ... But always being careful not to abuse it.

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