Walls drawn with style

Do you find the color of the walls of your house monotonous? If you are considering changing the air and renovating the painting, you will surely find interesting what we propose to you today: drawn walls with a lot of style

Walls drawn with style1

For this it is not necessary to be a great painter, since most of these drawings can be done with templates. They are a great option to get away from the monochromatic decoration and introduce elements that fill the walls with joy. Custom drawings for all types of rooms, and even to give a casual look to the stairs.

Walls drawn with style2

Imagination knows no limits, so you can create amazing effects like this original rack to leave the lightest garments at the entrance.

Walls drawn with style3

The living room, with a few brushstrokes of color, wins much thanks to this interesting work on mosaics or by drawing an emblematic building par excellence. Different options for the same space: use all the power of the brush at your fingertips!

Walls drawn with style4

Walls drawn with style5

Change the headboard of your bed with a beautiful floral design, light up the children's room with surprising effects of light and paint, or experiment with small butterflies or arches for more ethnic decorations. Interesting options so that you never get bored with the walls of your house.

Walls drawn with style6

Walls drawn with style7

Walls drawn with style8

Walls drawn in style9

Walls drawn with style10

Photos: decoestilo.hoymujer.com; decorailumina.com; planetdeco.com

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