Walls covered with stone: elegance and solidity

As a construction element, the stone It is solid, elegant and, as if that were not enough, it is a good thermal insulator. Many modern homes are committed to this timeless material to build their walls, demonstrating that there is life beyond the pladur ...

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The following proposals offer us an opportunity to check how these rooms of our house would be with some nooks and crannies covered with stone, or how they would be covered in their entirety. They are proposals that offer a perspective of solidity and a lot of elegance: the rooms become warm, cozy, well protected from the elements. Remember the rustic country houses, with their thick stone walls, and their warm fireplace lit in a corner.

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Bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens ... there is no limit when it comes to placing stone walls, whose rough and uneven surface provides both dynamism and originality. A good option for this is to locate, for example, the stone wall as headboard of the bed. The result can not be more attractive.

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Also the bathroom is a good place for the presence of the stone. We will have as many options as stone varieties exist, differentiating tones, size, roughness ... The stone is always a good material to condition any place of our home.

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Photos: stagetecture.com

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