Walls and walls decorated with tree trunks

A great solution to decorate interiors in classic, rustic and country style is decorate the walls and walls of the house with tree trunks. Logs and split wood, which can be collected from a nearby forest or park, taking advantage of those parts of the tree that have fallen to the ground.

Walls and walls with natural trunks 1

This is a type of decoration that can be observed much in country houses and rustic environments, in general, although it also adapts to more contemporary and urban atmospheres.

Walls and walls with natural trunks 2

As you can see, there are solutions for all tastes. The wood it can be that great reinforcement that all decoration needs, since it is a material that adapts quickly to the spaces, giving them much charm.

Walls and walls with natural trunks 5

There are those who will choose to decorate the entire wall with this idea, while others will only have to fill a part of the wall, perhaps taking advantage of a nook and cranny of the architecture itself.

Walls and walls with natural trunks 3

Walls and walls with natural trunks 6

The idea is to find that corner where we can use this decorative resource, reinforcing the final style of a given room. Maybe a small hole next to the fireplace, or maybe taking advantage of the space under a wall shelf or a dresser. And even trimming the logs into slices and using them for creative decorations on the wall, forming a collage of rustic-vintage style.

Walls and walls with natural trunks 4

You will find many formulas to use these natural ornaments as it feels better to your home, it's all a matter of trying ...

Photos: homedecorinterioridea.com

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