Wallpaper to change your furniture

Recover an old piece of furniture that you have just acquired, renovate a piece of furniture that is already very marked by time and use, transform and give a new use to an old piece of furniture. Either of these options is easy to carry out with a little wallpaper, glue and little else. Ah good! A little time to get to the task will be the next ingredient of this change in the decoration of our home. And without the need to put our skills to the limit because the work of papering is very simple and is within the reach of anyone.

Decorated furniture 1

To get started in this technique without complicating your life a lot, you can transform an old dresser that you already have a lot of view by painting the front of the drawers. A simple, easy and fast work that will put you on the right track and eager to perform more complex tasks.

Decorated furniture 2


  • wallpaper
  • scissors and cutter
  • tail for wallpaper
  • new shooters

Decorated furniture 3

Take out the furniture drawers and place them on the floor with the front facing up. Cut a piece of paper a little larger than the front of the drawer and glue it with the tail. Help yourself with a cloth to stick the paper without leaving air pockets.

Decorated furniture 4

When the glue has dried and the paper is well attached to the wood, cut the cutter around the contour of the front to cut off the excess paper. Locate the place where the holes are for the fencers and drill the paper. Assemble the new handles to match the wallpaper and go. Easy truth? You will love the job and I am sure that you will pose new challenges.

Photos: design-remont.info

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