Wall decorations: history of a change

Many times we decided to leave a bare wall simply because we dare not hang anything. But sometimes you have to be hard with yourself, what is the worst that can happen? The worst thing will be that we do not like what we have hung, because we take it off and that's it. Covering the nail holes in the wall is quite easy. We are going to see a process of change made in the decor from the wall of a living room.

Decorating the walls of room 1

Initially we hung what we can see in this picture, basically objects that were already in the previous house and a couple of frames bought in a thrift store.

Decorating the walls of room 3

It was decided to place a large frame with an old world map and two small frames, proportioned and asymmetric.

Decorating the walls of room 2

A new variant was introduced, the sofa with chaise longue in black. A large, sturdy sofa that required more wall filling as a counterpoint. More pictures were added and placed more asymmetrically between them, breaking the straight lines but forming a purer geometric shape between them.

Decorating the walls of room 4

It kept changing the decor placing more elements to break the previous geometric formality. Volume was added with a small ledge with two vases. More frames were placed with photographs although smaller. A rosette was also added to provide curves to the assembly.

Decorating the walls of room 5

Finally the thing stayed like this, for now, how many times do we think that a wall does not convince us? that never ends up being to our liking. Maybe this is the problem of the example that we have presented to you. But the important thing is not to be afraid and try things. A better method than trial and error, the basis of all modern science, has not yet been discovered.

Photos: tart-house.blogspot.com

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