Wall decoration with photo frames

With proposals as basic and easy to make as the following ones you can renew the decoration of your house in a very short time. You will simply need a series of empty photo frames of different sizes with which you will create a new decoration on the wall. Simple and creative, right?

Decorate with photo frames 1

Also, you can mimic these collages of wood with the style of the rooms. If the style is rather rustic or vintage, you can use frames more in line with this trend, with a point of antiquity. Those frames with a more lackluster appearance can sit very well on the walls that surround these styles.

For the room of the kids You can also use creative frames on the wall. Beautify with contrasts of colors and create unique mosaics that accentuate the style of the room. You can get a decoration as accomplished as this one:

Decorate with photo frames 2

Play with different shapes (rectangular, circular ...) to get different pictures on the wall. The receiver It is another place where these combinations of photo frames will sit superbly on the walls of your home.

Decorate with photo frames 3

Another proposal with marked retro tendency from black frames. The room it seems another with these simple proposals.

Decorate with photo frames 4

Get with gold frames of different sizes decoration as elegant as our latest proposal. A beautiful style for a small corner of maximum inspiration. Try, combine, inspire and dare to renovate the walls with options as unique as these.

Decorate with photo frames 5

Photos: bellemaison23.com ; tuttopercasa.it

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