Wabi-Sabi, a minimalist and natural style

Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese concept that defines a way of creating simple environments where rustic It has a great role. The proposals that we are going to see next combine this typically Asian minimalism with the charm and natural warmth of the objects carved in wood.

Style wabi sabi 1

The decoration of this type has a clear minimalist component in its base. The spaces are fundamental following this classic style of Asian homes. To complement, natural accessories are added, from small floral decorations to handicrafts (bowls, figurines) and, of course, furniture made of wood.

Style wabi sabi 2

Even in more modernist environments this concept can be applied, achieving atmospheres as successful as the one in the upper image room. In this space we see how a rustic object that dominates the scene is combined in a modern decoration, in this case a natural wooden table.

Style wabi sabi 3

The simplicity that these atmospheres give off is delicate and very appropriate for any place of the house, from main rooms to small corners of rest.

Style wabi sabi 4

Style wabi sabi 5

This is a typical bedroom decorated according to the Wabi-Sabi. The bed on a wooden tatami is surrounded by sculptural objects of ethnic type and the occasional floral corner. The result is a harmonious and balanced environment, perfect for relaxation.

Style wabi sabi 6

This bathroom has also been decorated following this concept. Minimalism raised to its maximum power in a rustic setting and with decorative nuances that seek harmony and relaxation. It is the perfect style for the most gourmets.

Style wabi sabi 7

Photos: welke.nl ; designspiration.net

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