Vivid decorations for the Christmas tree

Five curious Christmas decorations made with live plants, specifically, they are aerial plants that are exceptional plants that do not grow on the ground but on other plants, usually trees. We can decorate our Christmas tree This year with ornaments that include this type of plants, there is no need to worry about them, they will overcome the trance perfectly and then we can use them to decorate the house.

Christmas decorations live 1

This precious adornment is a hemisphere that contains in its interior one of those exceptional aerial plants, epiphytes are called in botany, the golden interior highlights those soft tones typical of these plants. This in particular is a tillandsia.

Christmas decorations live 2

We also have the same ornament with the silver interior so we can choose one or the other. Whether we are fans of silver or gold, a great division in decoration and other matters of life. Gold or silver, what is your favorite precious metal?

Christmas decorations live 3

The living ornament that we see in the upper photograph is not an aerial plant, it is a succulent. These plants can be weeks like this and even begin to develop roots. So with cutting a piece of succulent that we have at home we can hang it on the Christmas tree and then plant it in a pot.

Christmas decorations live 4

This precious transparent sphere contains in its interior tillandsia, lichens, moss and other forest ornaments. A preciousness that will give life to our tree.

Christmas decorations live 5

These small hanging vessels are small glass terrariums that can be filled with aerial plants, succulents or any other type of plant that supports the conditions of the interior of our house.

Vivid decorations for the Christmas tree

With jars of glass you can also make some beautiful decorations to hang and inside we can have plants of the kind we've talked about before. A living and different decoration for these upcoming parties.


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