Vintage style sofas

Today I present some examples of beautiful vintage style sofas. They are versatile pieces and full of possibilities. Everyone has a Classic cut and U shape , but they vary in the type of materials used: we can find with upholstery or grid, painted with aged effect or with gold leaf, dark or light woods, with capitoné or smooth, with silk-screened fabrics ... endless colors, textures and combinations. Anything goes when it comes to getting the best effect to complement or complete the decorative compositions of our home.

Vintage style sofas 1

As you can see in this picture four seats of totally different styles, colors and patterns can create a very harmonious set. Try to combine and you will be positively surprised with the result!

Vintage style sofas 2

This rustic design is ideal for outdoor or rural environments. The emerald green upholstery combined with two white cushions stands out from the predominant brown, providing color and luminosity without breaking the visual continuity. The design without backrest is also ideal to place between two environments and without overloading.

Vintage style sofas 3

In a classic and elegant room with romantic inspiration. Rigid grid structure, but with many cushions to make it more comfortable. And in the perfect location, with that large window through which a lot of light enters that enhances the softness and sweetness of the pastel tones.

Vintage style sofas 4

Black and gold with numerous cushions that overlap combining colors and sizes. An elegant and luxurious combination.

Vintage style sofas 5


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