Vintage style side table

Do you need a side table in your living room? Or in any other room? Sometimes you know that you need a piece of furniture but you do not make up your mind to look for it or you do not find anything concrete that convinces you or your budget just does not give you what you like. In any of these circumstances may this proposal that we present you may be useful. A simple and original way to mount a side table in any corner.

Vintage style table 1

Something as simple as stacking an old suitcase, several hardback books, a metal box and wham! you already have your auxiliary table ready to place a lamp or any other decorative element on top.

Vintage style table 2

We have to get an old suitcase that has a flat surface where to place the stacked books is not problematic. This little invention is based on balance therefore we need stability. We also need a large decorated metal box or we can decorate ourselves to match the suitcase. Obviously the suitcase can also be decorated to our liking if the one we get is excessively sober or does not convince us.

Vintage style table 3

Vintage style table 4

Vintage style table 5

Now we just have to arrange the different elements that will form the auxiliary table in its place and stack them. At the base we will place the suitcase, hence it must be hard and stable enough to support the books we will place on it.

Vintage style table 6

Above we will put the box, on the books or under them both, the box and the suitcase will also serve as storage elements. It is a very easy way to have a vintage and bohemian corner in our living room. With very little budget and very little work.


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