Vintage style christmas decoration

We could not miss a proposal vintage for the Christmas decoration of this year. Now that vintage is a very important trend and with a large number of followers we could not forget about them. In the beginning, combining vintage and Christmas can be somewhat redundant. The kitsch touch of any Christmas decoration makes it somewhat timeless. But it is also true that in recent years there have been plenty of minimalist Christmas decoration proposals.

Vintage christmas decoration 1

Of course all those solutions that aim to reduce Christmas decoration to pure schematics are very good. They have an undeniable beauty of course. But those of us who are a few years old can not separate Christmas from those we live in childhood. When ornaments were piled on the tree and color was an essential element.

Vintage christmas decoration 2

Basically these will be the premises on which we will raise any Christmas decoration with vintage air, color and abundance of decorative elements.

Vintage christmas decoration 3

Intense and vivid colors that will bring that air to Christmas of yesteryear with its special and emotional flavor.

Vintage christmas decoration 4

Sometimes it can be a little exaggerated so much color but it is essential for any Christmas decoration to have that vintage touch that we look for.

Vintage christmas decoration 5

Vintage christmas decoration 6

But not everything will be filling the house with neon colors, a few decorative objects that remember past times are also necessary to recreate that Christmas when we were children.

Vintage christmas decoration 7

Baroque style is necessary for our vintage-style Christmas decoration to triumph. Of course it will attract the attention of all those who visit us, nobody will be indifferent.

Vintage christmas decoration 8

But as all degrees are admissible, a focus of different colors can be attenuated with more uniform and discreet touches of color.

Vintage christmas decoration 9

Vintage Christmas decoration 10

What can also work very well is to create decorations based on a particular color or color palette. The visual shock will be less but we can also recreate past epochs.


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