Vintage solutions to decorate walls

Either to complement the general style of your decoration or to bring a different shade to it, antique objects are a good solution to decorate the walls of your home. Whether you are a vintage fan or just like a little touch that breaks the monotony of its decoration, this article will show you some ideas to decorate your walls with decorative objects that you can find in the second-hand circuit.

Vintage details for walls 1

The decorated plates , wrecked remains of old family dinnerware, are a good subject to decorate the wall. In symmetric groupings or alone They will combine with vintage style furniture and many other styles.

Vintage details for walls 2

But you can also introduce objects with history in modern environments. A old map School can decorate the wall of almost any room in the house, from the kitchen to the hall.

Vintage details for walls 3

The old windows They are a classic decorative object in the vintage style. Its symbolic charge and its history make it possible to decorate any room. You can change the crystals by mirrors and then they become more suggestive if possible.

Vintage details for walls 4

A collection of old frames is another of the classic solutions in vintage style, if we unify them by color we will create an integrated and elegant set.

Vintage details for walls 5

Another solution is the use with new uses of old objects, a printer box is transformed with a little paint and fasteners in a fabulous display of jewelry.

Vintage details for walls 6

The wheel of eternal return, those embroidery and cross stitch pictures that our grandmothers hung back to be topical, is the basis of decoration and fashion.

Vintage details for walls 7

The old marketing is another of the fields that can bring us very special decorations. Old advertisements Loaded with color, they will look fantastic in a modern decoration based on neutral colors.

Vintage details for walls 8

The old copper pots They can not be lost, they are wonderful elements to decorate a kitchen. Well burnished and preserved are a spectacle of brightness and color.

Vintage details for walls 9

Place a old advertising object with a lot of color in an environment where the neutral colors are the ones that control will allow us to bring some life and color instantly.

Vintage details for walls 10

The old clothes They can also be an extraordinary decorative element and only require a correct exposure.

Vintage details for walls 11

Old decorated plates Loaded with nostalgia, framing them is a little-seen idea that will serve to decorate the wall of the kitchen or the dining room.

Vintage details for walls 12

Create a small collection of rustic art in a corner of the living room is another interesting way to decorate the walls. We have to choose a theme so that the different images have lace in our decoration.


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