Vintage signage ideas to decorate your home

From the stylized drawings of Pop-art to the advertising posters of the early twentieth century, the vintage posters can be the protagonist of your walls and enrich the decoration of your home thanks to its great color. The proposals, original and carefree in equal parts, can become protagonists of the spaces or put the note of color, but always will do so with the style and charm that have the most authentic vintage accessories.

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This type of posters or posters can be part of the decoration anywhere in the house, either in the kitchen , at living room , at bedroom or in the bathrooms . Thanks to its timeless air, they will not be out of place in any of these spaces.

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One of the most current trends is to place typical advertising posters of beverages typical of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Its undeniable vintage style will give a very personal touch to the decoration, like this sheet of the, in other times, famous drink "Toni-kola" . The truth is that some of these posters are highly priced on the Internet. Now collectors of vintage items can be made with them at very affordable prices and in different formats and sizes.

Vintage style posters 2

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Another proposal that you will definitely like is to use old wooden planks with phrases or words inscribed on them. It is another type of more traditional posters, from even earlier times, but equally attractive. It is ideal for those looking for different decorative accessories, away from the classic photographs or figures. From the very entrance of our house we can receive our guests with a spontaneous and personal greeting:

Vintage style posters 5

Or we can decorate those simpler corners of the home and give them an extra decorative spot, with all the beauty of rustic objects, which animate our day to day with its unique presence.

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