Vintage, industrial and rustic in a Dutch country house

In this country house located in Holland we can admire a great combination of current styles and trends. It is an eclectic mix of elements typical of the most fashionable decorative styles. In the images of this house that you can see below you will find without a doubt inspiration for your own solutions.


On a white and gray base, furniture and decorative elements typical of the vintage style, the industrial style and the rustic Nordic style have been used.


The gray wooden floor, the minimalist fireplace, a Moroccan pouf and a military metallic kit are a good example of what we can find in this Dutch country house.


The wooden column, structural part of the house, has been kept in original condition to give character to the decoration.


Natural wood is a material widely used in the decoration of this house. It brings warmth and a pleasant feeling of naturalness.


Neither can a green touch in the form of a small plant be missing, so that the vegetable kingdom is not only represented by dead wood.



A good amount of decorative objects and elements with a clear vintage flavor help the decoration of this country house have a great character.



The collections, even those of clothes, add that vital touch to any decoration, that feeling of a lived house, which is not only a purely aesthetic montage.


The master bedroom takes advantage of the structural part of the house, beams and wooden columns, just as it was done in the living room.


The youth bedroom makes the most of the space with a raised bed that has a desk at the bottom. An old wooden ladder, a net on the roof and some touches of military style to create a fresh and youthful atmosphere.


To emphasize the great role that the recovered elements and materials can make in a modern decoration. With boxes, wood and old objects you can print character to any decoration.

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