Vintage doors to decorate interiors

An old door converted into a vintage object is a great idea to decorate interior corners with ease. The characteristic beauty of this door in disuse, with the traces of time manifested on the surface, serves as an extra decoration in any space of the house. It is about adding that original effect that provides the necessary charm so that a decoration becomes more cheerful and cozy.

Vintage style doors 1

In general, these vintage doors can serve us as simply decorative objects or we will find them more practical use. Everything depends on where we place them and the characteristics of the door itself.

Vintage style doors 2

Leaning against the wall they reach their decorative and even artistic potential, as a relic in the room. On other occasions, using them as an unexpected shelf or rack, we can also find them a practical utility, while still providing the original touch.

Vintage style doors 3

We can add a mirror to its surface, paint colors, rip paint with a product or, on the contrary, rejuvenate it with a layer of varnish. All this depending on the effect we seek to create.

Vintage style doors 4

A vintage door, and also sliding, can be a great option to separate environments.

Vintage style doors 5

And they can even be excellent for decorating a wall, especially in spaces intended for public life, such as a restaurant. It is an idea that many restorers take into account, as it gives a unique charm to these places.

Vintage style doors 6

This idea can not escape us either: they can be great as headboards of a bed, especially in rooms with romantic-vintage look, giving them that rustic touch so flattering.

Vintage style doors 7


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