Vintage details for the kitchen

A kitchen decorated in vintage style It is a good choice for lovers of classic design. Also for those people who are passionate about the most current trends, the vintage style is of course. Let's see some examples of kitchens decorated in vintage style and others with details that can also be used in all kinds of kitchens to create our own and eclectic style. There is no need for our kitchen to be a catalog photo. On the contrary, we must express our personality by giving the brushstrokes that we create suitable for the decoration of our kitchen, because that is what is meant by "our" cuisine.

Vintage kitchens 1

A gorgeous vintage kitchen. Nothing out of tune and it seems that we have taken a leap in time. It is perfect for the most passionate of vintage. For others it may be interesting to copy some details such as the shelves for example or the front of the kitchen with those original tiles.

Vintage kitchens 2

And here is an example of vintage detail that we can include in any decoration, Any zinc complement will give us a vintage touch that can be used to store spice pots or whatever we want.

Vintage kitchens 3

For some this kitchen will be the vintage nova and for others it may be a bit excessive. The truth is that the table is a little "too" vintage for my taste.

Vintage kitchens 4

Vintage kitchens 5

Finding some of these add-ons can be a good weekend adventure visiting flea markets and thrift stores. Finding an iron egg cup or a wire basket can be a good reward.

Vintage kitchens 6

A good antique furniture can be quite expensive but we will always have the recovered wood to create a wardrobe as we can even do ourselves if we have skill for DIY.

Vintage kitchens 7

The aged finishes are fundamental in the painting of the furniture of a vintage kitchen. The degree of aging and use can be adapted to the taste of each one.

Vintage kitchens 6

Vintage kitchens 9

The vintage style allows a thousand and one variations, from romantic and rural airs to others with industrial touches. The vintage style is eclectic and supports many possibilities.

Vintage kitchens 10

Metal cans are an essential complement to create a vintage atmosphere in the kitchen. They are really adorable and are easy to find, both authentic and reproductions.

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