Vintage decoration of gardens

With a flamboyant style between the rustic, the country and the shabby, these gardens conform perfectly to the idea of ​​vintage gardens, recently taken from other eras. To create these special and unique gardens you can start by recovering from the garage those vintage pieces that never go out of style for a long time that they have worn out, where, precisely, lies the particular charm of vintage.

Vintage style decoration for gardens 1

Rescue old benches, hammocks and tables and leave them unpolished: the beauty of this style is based on the apparent carelessness of the furniture, in the artisan and rickety as added value. This apparent dishevelment conforms perfectly to the beauty of gardens full of vegetation. The abundance of flower pots contributes even more to spice up this fascinating style. The incorporation of these elements and others will achieve images as rural and unique as those shown here.

Vintage style decoration for gardens 2

Vintage style decoration for gardens 3

Vintage is increasingly a synonym of beauty and style. The old relics are transformed into precious details with soul: showers, wheelbarrows, wooden chairs whose paint starts to peel, tea sets and stately tableware, fabrics and cushions ... It will undoubtedly be a different and striking bet for these outdoor spaces.

Vintage style decoration for gardens 4

Vintage style decoration for gardens 5


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