Vintage: decorating with newspapers

Of all the life to the newspapers hundreds of useful applications in the daily routine have been given to them once read. To clean the crystals, to wrap food, as a moisture absorbing support ... But they had never been used to decorate until now, that we are wrapped in our vintage fashion.

Decorating with newspapers 1

And as recycling is on the rise, what better use than to create objects and environments that we like, as long as you are a lover of vintage.

Decorating with newspapers 2

Decorating with newspapers 3

Everything will depend on what our imagination does, and if not, we will always have Internet that is full of good and creative ideas.

Decorating with newspapers 4

There is everything, from wall coverings or even bar bars, to lamps or mobiles like this one.

Decorating with newspapers 5

Even the most leading furniture firms are creating furniture with the rising trend. Unique pieces, that if we dare, we can make ourselves at home.

Decorating with newspapers 6

With patience and tenacity, because they really do not have anything complicated.

Decorating with newspapers 7

And if not, look at this painted on the wall and in this pile of old newspapers placed in front of it as a chair. Obviously, missing some straps adjusting the newspapers and a good pouffe to accommodate the seat, and ready our chair!

More retro impossible.

Decorating with newspapers 8

And if we do not consider ourselves too handy, or we lack time or patience, we can always find decorative elements as cute as these!

Note: They will look good in any place with a modern atmosphere and predominantly solid and vivid colors !!

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